Get More Customers Using The Power Of Video!

People consume video through social media and video-on-demand platforms.  The numbers seem to point to greater and greater adoption.  What’s more, a study by Verizon found that 69% of people are watching video on the go, proof that video isn’t just consumed in the comfort of one’s home or office.  Get 3 Free video animations, Video Marketing Guide and a Web Design Template  to help you get started.

Sounds And Visuals

Video blends sound and visuals, two powerful tools for altering emotional states. For example, research by author David Heyrle into the effectiveness of visual design shows that 90% of people are visual learners. 



And when it comes to sound, a study on the use of sound shows how it was able to influence the moods of crowds in public areas. 

More Conversions

Whether your product is a video membership or subscription site or an eCommerce store, where text and images are successful at promoting your offer, video is far more engaging. People absorb visual information and experience altered emotional states through sound, their responses to well-structured videos can lead to better results for your brand.