Video Marketing For Local Business.

Local business can benefit hugely from video marketing campaigns, the ability to connect directly with the very people that are likely to buy your products or use your services is immensely powerful. Consumers tend to buy off those they know like and trust and video offers a way of connection that text and images cannot match.

Traditional advertising methods for local business is costly and ineffective compared to video. Ads in newspapers are only viewed for a small amount of time, and advertising on vehicles and billboards can be very expensive. That said, video should not replace normal advertising campaigns but should enhance them.

Let us run through what a typical video campaign would look like for a local business.

Let us imagine Jo has a Pizza business and he wants to expand his connections locally. He already has a simple website that explains a little about his family run business. So, the next move is that Jo gets in front of the video camera and talks from his heart about his business and how it follows the traditions and values that have been passed down through generations to him. Through this video he can connect to local people and they get to see the real person and his passion. This kind of message is very powerful and connects with people and makes Joe and his business stand out from the crowd and competition.

Joe creates a small Facebook campaign and targets people who like a pizza or eating out within a certain radius of his business. On this ad, he offers them a 10% discount if they mention that they saw his business through this ad. Joe now not only gives extra value to his customers but also can clearly see how many people the ad converted into customers, and these stats are very important to local business.

The ad would be the video or it would direct them to the video.

By using a video marketing campaign Joe has created a unique connection with his local customers and this can quickly build loyalty.

Nearly all local business can benefit from a video marketing campaign and here is another example.

A local taxi company looking to expand their business create a video. This time nobody is in front of the camera, because it is a PowerPoint display showing images of the various vehicles the company owns. Each separate image will have a few lines of text indicating the benefits of this kind of vehicle. An example might be that one is a minibus and can carry larger numbers of people and another may be a wheelchair access vehicle suitable for disabled persons. Another image may indicate a few of their local fares perhaps airports or sightseeing trips.

They of course could also add on the last image a 10% discount or a reward of some kind and to claim it they only need to mention that they saw the ad. 

Once again they would target people who live within a certain radius of their business.

So, I hope you can clearly see just how powerful a video marketing campaign coupled with social media can be. Its strength is of course that it can build a real connection to local people and can be highly targeted to that group of individuals.

Should you be creating a video campaign now?