Monetizing videos.

There are various ways to make money from creating videos, and here are some of the more popular choices.



Impossible not to mention YouTube as they are the leaders in this arena but there are others creeping up behind them, and we will look at some of those too. With YouTube it is very simple to monetize each video and it is done through just a couple of clicks. This will enable YouTube to place ads on your video and in return you receive a share of the revenue.


It is certainly worth mentioning LiveRail because Facebook paid $500 million for them back in 2014 and that alone tells you that this platform will be very powerful. It carries the weight of Facebook behind it and means that it uses Facebook data so very targeted ads can be created.



Kaltura is interesting because of the way it’s set up. This is like creating your own YouTube channel but it also offers the function of monetization and lead capture. It is very simple to add video overlays and calls to action. So, this platform is more of a complete marketing site.

Much of the online advertising industry still has its eyes focused on traditional banner ads, however, video is growing by the second and it is becoming impossible to ignore. Many more advertisers are keen to see their future campaigns have video involved and this can open the door to more revenue share opportunities.

It is also worth noting that Facebook are entering this market and this must truly frighten some of their competitors. Facebook has a huge amount of data collected from its users and this means that they can create extremely well targeted campaigns. This coupled with the use of video will be very powerful indeed. The fact that Facebook have already purchased one video platform shows their intention.

There are many other ways in which you can monetize a video. For example, a video can be created reviewing a certain product and then a link can be added at the end of the video taking the viewer straight to the sales page. Cost per action ads can easily be integrated in the same way.

As video is a great way of driving traffic where you want it to go then it is also an extremely good method for building a subscriber base which can then be monetized by email marketing.

Most of these methods can be used directly from the various video marketing platforms but of course video can be added to a personal blog or website with the intention of driving traffic directly to the site from other paid traffic sources. There are many websites out there that use this method to create content with the sole intention of driving traffic to sales platforms like Amazon or other affiliated sites.

I think it’s fair to say that placing ads on your video is not a get rich quick scheme, although revenue can be substantial it is should be seen as a bonus to a video that has another job to do. If you were creating a series of videos showing viewers how to complete a certain task than it clearly would make sense to monetize it with ads, however, an ad if clicked will take the viewer away from the video and that would be the last thing you want if you are trying to sell your own products.

Video marketing is not going away and all the signs are there that it will continue to grow, and because of this there will always be new opportunities to monetize your videos. It pays to keep an eye out for new platforms and the new methods that will be continually created.