Video Marketing & Social Media

Perhaps the best way of harnessing the tremendous brand-building power and potential of video marketing is through social media. Billions of people login everyday, and in the process of catching up with friends, relaxing and entertaining themselves, they view and share a staggering amount of video content. The sheer numbers of people active on these platforms exponentially raises the power of each like, favorite and share as each of these actions spreads the content across their network. This can and does bring leads and sales to businesses, as well as build up brands. Social media and video are a power couple. There is no question about that. The only question is, are you using them effectively? 

I can almost hear the question in your mind: how do I do that? Ok, let’s take a look.

Know Your Platforms

It is key that you know your audience and the strengths of each social media platform you use in order to maximize results for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, to name a few, all are great places to post video content.

Facebook favors videos uploaded on their own platform in their algorithm versus ones shared there via an external link. What does this mean? Facebook makes sure that if you upload your video to Facebook directly, rather than by copying and pasting a link to your YouTube video in your post, it will reach more people. This potentially gains you more exposure, likes and shares, and ultimately, garners you more leads and customers. You have the added option of using Facebook’s Live feature, wherein you can broadcast real-time. During the presentation, you can interact with and respond to viewers’ typed questions and comments in the moment. This kind of experience is invaluable in relationship building.

Twitter specializes in quick bursts of text, shortened links and video. Brevity is king. It is integrated with Vine, through which your shorter video content can be shared. Alternatively, share YouTube videos or any other links. Do this, and watch your ‘favorites’ and ‘retweets,’ as they are called in Twitter-speak, flow. 

Snapchat is a micro-vlogging (or video blogging) platform. Post sneakpeeks of products, announce sales, share staffer stories, and other updates in successions of short 15 second ‘snaps’ here. It keeps you in touch with people in quick, easily digestible doses throughout their day, translating to keeping your brand in the forefront of their mind.

YouTube, synonymous with video sharing, is the best known and most popular hub for video sharing online and has the most versatility for creators. It allows for direct posting of both shorter and longer pre-recorded content, as well as live-streaming. The platform permits video overlays to external sites, linking to other of your videos, placing text and links in the video description boxes and monetization via Google Adsense. It also boasts an on-site video editor, allows for a high level of organization of content into subscriber-friendly playlists and more. An added bonus of having a YouTube channel is that YouTube is owned by Google. Why does this matter? Google ranks YouTube videos not only highly, but quickly, and more so than any other content online, as a result of this marriage. Having a video appear on page one of Google’s search results when someone enters a term relevant to your company will not only help build your brand recognition, but bring many more potential customers, and greater profits.

Best Video Marketing Practices

There are certain general guidelines and practices that work well for getting your video content viewed and shared across platforms, and thus, growing your brand:

– Designate a person or people to film, edit and upload your videos. 

– Display your company logo/graphics on your social media account profile pages, as well as in your videos. Make it easy for people to remember and find you. Be sure your videos are well-lit and framed, filmed with a steady hand and that speakers are presentable and well-spoken, though natural.

– Have a clear, cohesive message and image that you project through your videos across all platforms. This represents your business’ mission and value in the marketplace, and is the essence of your brand. You want people to associate your brand with that value.

– Post consistently with an emphasis on quality. People will then not only watch your videos, but look for, and forward to, your posts. Make use both live and pre-recorded video where applicable. Where practical and possible, establish a posting schedule and publicize it.

– Run contests, offer special sales & coupons and exclusive sneakpeeks to subscribers and followers. This adds value, gets your name out and increases the size of your audience.

– Ask for what you need and want where the platform’s community guidelines allow, such as for shares, likes, subscriptions, visits to your website, etc. 

– Engage with your audience. Respond to a portion of questions and comments. Re-share or feature viewer questions and comments. Request feedback and then implement it, and let them know you have. People like knowing that they have been seen, heard and valued. Not all brands do this. When you do, you stand out and engender loyalty.


Video marketing, in combination with social media, is a powerful tool in brand and business-building. It helps you stand head and shoulders above the competition, while fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with followers and potential customers. If you have not dived into the world of video yet, what are you waiting for? The time is now.