Video Marketing for Beginners

The use of video to build an audience is one of the fastest growing marketing areas and it is easy to see why. The answer lies within connection and interaction. It is far easier to connect on a personal level with your targeted audience through video than any other means. Plus, when you add in the power of interaction, and how important that is to everything from personal to business relationships, then you begin to see why it is essential to understand the importance and potential impact of video marketing.

Other Important Factors In the Effectiveness of Video

While words hold potential power, and photos have been said to speak a thousand words, video has the power of both text and photos combined, while infusing a personal touch once only possible when being in the same room with another. 

Viewer preferences, learning styles and technological factors also make video a powerful messenger. According to

– People prefer to watch a short video over reading text. 

– Many potential clients and customers are visual, and so it is easier to absorb your 

        message via video than text.

      – Video content tends to rank highly within Google, especially from YouTube,

         which is a Google-owned property.

Video creation is also easier today than ever before due to the high-quality and widespread use of smart phone cameras, and existence of ever-advancing video equipment priced within individual and small business reach.


Getting Started

Beginning a video marketing campaign can be done on a very low budget because even a smart phone today will record high-quality video footage. If you are intending to appear on camera and talk to your audience directly, then it is important to get the lighting right. To be honest, this is largely a case of trial and error and experience. A tripod is pretty much essential, as no matter how steady a hand you may think you have, it will shake, affecting video quality and user experience.

When you talk to the camera, imagine you’re talking to your audience and that they are right there with you, as you might converse with a friend across a table. Do not constantly look at the screen, if there is one on the camera, as this tend make you lose eye contact and lead to you appearing disengaged.

There are many other ways to create video, such PowerPoint or other screen-recording software. This eliminates the need for you to appear on camera, but can still be very engaging to the viewer.

If you are a local business, then you can look at a short video as being like a television commercial. Getting your message across about your products or services in this way can build a strong connection with your potential clients and personalize what often is a purely commercial experience. Remember that people buy through those they trust, and there is no better way of building that initial connection than through video outside of personal face-to-face meetings.


Getting seen

Creating the video is one thing, but this is about marketing and that really is about getting people to watch your video. In this day and age, it has become very easy to share videos through different social media platforms, and initially this is free traffic. If you are using YouTube to host your videos, then there is a very good chance that they will rank highly in the search engines for your particular niche, assuming you have targeted the correct keywords. YouTube also allows you to run paid ad campaigns, and this too works very well in targeting specific audiences. 

Facebook, which now boasts its own on-site video platform, has become a very powerful place in which to advertise as it allows you to target your preferred audience in great detail. This targeting capability extends to include location, and so benefits local business that are targeting clients in a specific area.

There are so many things you can do with video to get your message across and gain feedback from your audience. You can ask questions and create surveys, drive traffic to certain pages or websites, as well as redirect subscribers to landing pages and other opt-in areas. Another method is to reward people for sharing your video, which can help your video marketing campaigns reach even bigger audiences.

We’ve only touched the surface of video marketing here, but hopefully you can see the importance of understanding what a video marketing campaign can bring to your business.

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